Sponsor a Vocational Girl


Sponsor a Vocational Girl

  • Raised : $14
  • Goal : $25

Because we work with some of Lebanon’s most disenfranchised communities, it is our goal as an organization to go beyond simply distributing aid.  Instead, we strive to provide communities with the training and resources they need to set their own goals and mold their futures with their own hands, while also facilitating and incorporating their feedback into future projects.  We particularly focus on the empowerment of women, as they are mainly responsible for raising future generations, and can therefore be considered a cornerstone in community development.  We strive to support women socially, emotionally, and economically; engaging them in family counseling, offering them shelter, helping them access vocational training, linking them to jobs, and assisting them in starting their own businesses. 


ISWA established these two centers in 2003, where young men and women between the ages of 14 and 25, particularly those who have dropped out of school or are considered at risk, can choose one of two educational tracks.  The program doesn’t stop there, however; enrolled youth also receive training in life skills, participate in extra-curricular activities, and are linked to local job opportunities. Educational tracks include:

Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)

ISWA’s TVET program is an integrated academic-vocational training program specifically targeting youth who have dropped out of school, giving them a second chance to complete their academic education while also training them in marketable skills.  Graduates of this program receive official certificates from the Ministry of Higher Education, enabling them either to continue to higher education after graduation, or to negotiate better pay and work conditions upon joining the labor force.

Intensive Skills-based Vocational Training

This program, specifically targeting those who have not completed their elementary education, consists of intensive courses in particular fields, designed to increase their marketable skills and earning potential within a short period.




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