About Us

Who We Are?

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ISWA is a registered non-governmental organization first established in Lebanon in 1985. It was founded by a determined group of activists to support and empower the most vulnerable people in our community: victims of the violence of conflict and endemic poverty, including orphans, widows and refugees from Palestine and Syria.

Today, the ISWA family includes ten subsidiaries, reaching thousands each year through both relief and sustainable development projects.  The organization is firmly committed to implementing international quality standards in all sectors of its humanitarian work, with the aim of achieving the highest levels of efficacy, transparency, neutrality, and impartiality.  Strong partnerships enable us to intervene effectively in areas with the most urgent need, defending the dignity of vulnerable populations, regardless of nationality, religion, political orientation, or any other factor, and without proselytization or indoctrination.  

Going beyond short-term relief projects, we at ISWA believe that sustainable development is a cornerstone in building societies free of poverty, ignorance, and conflict.  We work around the clock to implement projects in a variety of sectors, taking a holistic approach to empowering families and communities at all levels, with the broader goal of contributing to the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. 

With these goals in mind, ISWA provides services in the following sectors:

  • Livelihoods
  • Education
  • Health
  • Child Protection
  • Food Security
  • Shelter
  • Basic In-kind Assistance
  • WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene)


Our Mission

ISWA thrives to present tailored humanitarian aid to support institutions, families and vulnerable individuals to enhance their positive impact on their surroundings. Our programs are implemented with national and international organizations to reach this objective in a sustainable and cooperative manner.



  • Capitalizing on ISWA 's achievements relationship and track as a continuous improvement challenge.
  • Supporting, assisting and empowering the poorest and neediest categories through humanitarian projects and responding quickly to emergency.
  • Tackle poverty and its causes by developing innovative developmental and sustainable projects.
  • To break up into production and investment expansion.
  • To maintain first quality rank in AW.
  • To be first Arab NGO model.
  • Bring humanity closer together.
  • Empower in need categories through inclusive projects.
  • Enable individuals and their communities to live with dignity by supporting initiatives that promote economic and social justice.
  • ISWA goes the extra mile of execution of social activities and projects, to reinforce its presence and image.




Shelter for Needy

Poor families in Lebanon and refugees suffer from truly deprived living conditions, we are improving shelters and providing families with basic household commodities.

Help Needy Children

Children do not only require finances and material commodities, but are also in need of emotional stability. By providing children with safe spaces to play and learn and emotional support.

Funding for Poor

ISWA family includes ten subsidiaries, reaching thousands each year through both relief and sustainable development projects, funded by its partners and supporters locally and internationally.

Reduce World Poverty

Eradicating poverty in all its forms remains one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. And Ending poverty is a bold commitment to us. This involves targeting the most vulnerable, increasing basic resources and services, and supporting communities.