Sponsor an Orphaned Child


Sponsor an Orphaned Child

  • Raised : $1890
  • Goal : $6800


ISWA is Supporting orphan children and their families with safe, sanitary living conditions, while also ensuring that they are linked to basic needs, health and other services.

These children, including a large number of Syrian and Palestinian refugees, are at high risk of dropping out of school for financial reasons. To combat this phenomenon, ISWA includes educational support as one of the areas covered under its orphan and needy children program, sponsoring children to receive quality education at local private schools or one of the agency’s vocational training centers.

Vulnerable Syrian, Palestinian, and Lebanese children are engaged in group PSS activities, with the goals of creating an outlet for them to express themselves, improving coping skills and identifying severe cases of trauma, as well as preventing the instance of more severe mental and behavioral disorders.  Activators empower children to overcome the challenges they face through the targeted use of art therapy, drama therapy, a variety of kinesthetic activities and, for older children, writing activities and peer-to-peer discussion. Mothers and other female caregivers also receive group services, giving them the support they need, and enabling them to better support their children in turn.


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